Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a willing God

Today we need to know that God is always there, willing to support and send us what we need if we will just tap into him. The stronger we will connect the stronger we will become. It's that simple. God wants for us to have all that he has. He is there waiting.
I have to wonder sometimes if God feels frustration the same way we do. I know how hard it is to watch my own children making choices that take them away from the divine and struggle so. It is so hard for me to watch and I get frustrated that they just don't, or don't want to see it for themselves. Can you imagine having a whole world full of children and seeing them stray daily? Almost too much to comprehend.
One caution. God always being there doesn't mean we never taste of things that are hard or live forever because we keep asking and taping in. It means that we can have the ability to keep ourselves as spiritually strong as possible and feel blessed at all times. Even in hardship if we will find the all important growth it will bring lives.

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Shadow said...

i know too well the frustration of trying to correct another, only for them to follow their own head... it's pointless. much better to let go and stay in control of the things that are in my control...