Friday, September 17, 2010

lingering hatred

When someone in your presence has acted hatefully don't hang onto it and talk about it. By doing so you are just spreading the hate around. Instead, send this person loving thoughts and then let it go. If others have witnessed it also and want to talk about it, urge them to also send loving thoughts to the offender and let it go.

washing their feet

When you are in a place where a hateful act is taking place, think of Jesus and his act of washing the feet of his disciples. Then wash the person who is being hateful with loving thoughts and words. This will help to nutralize the hate and sometimes even disolve it into a posative atmosphere.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

get rid of self hate

If you are struggling with self hate you need to stop and shift gears in the direction of love. Errors of the past were important to your growth. They provided the way for you to gain the wisdom you need for your life. Now move in a forward, loving direction with God as your pilot. He loves you always. Draw on that as you learn to love yourself.

sowing love in immediate relationships

When your loved ones are being hateful it is because they are in emotional pain. Silently send your loved one a blessing of love each time they behave hatefully. Turn to God and get out of your ego. Ask him to make you an instrument of his peace. If you can keep your thoughts to love then there will be no room for you to hate. Remember, God is ALWAYS there. He can send pure love through you.