Monday, June 8, 2009

tapping into power

Today's reading puts forth the idea that God's power doesn't come over us, but rather it is the only power in the universe and we need to tap into it. And that evil occurs when we are not tapped in. That if we can grab hold of this concept then we will always want to tap in so we will not be part of creating evil around us.
Of course unless everyone in the world is tapped in, we will always deal with evil things. There will be less evil though if those of us who realize this will get up every morning and make a commitment to be dialed into to God energy. Just think if everyday just one more person dialed in. And then one more and one more. Pretty soon the high frequency energy would raise greatly and evil would start to diminish.
My own personal belief is that the the evil comes from Satan. But I agree that Satan only has power if we hand it over to him. I believe that if we are connected to God and his power that Satan is powerless and only one power can exist.


Shadow said...

just as you need to avail yourself to evil, you need to avail yourself to good...

Grace Albaugh said...

Well put Shadow!