Tuesday, June 16, 2009

don't fight your problems

Today's reading took some thought. We must not resist evil. If we push against it, it validates it. It gives it power and goes against the knowledge of there only being one power, good. Wayne says "... bring the spirit of God to all perceived evil and that alone will transform it into good".
When we fight against things it creates a counter force. Gives credence to that which we don't want. The focus needs to remain on the desired outcome and that will disintegrate the problem. We need to always work within the power of good and it will bring light to our lives. "the very presence of light nullifies all the darkness".

Conclusion: use the only one power. God that is good.

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Shadow said...

oh you're right. once again. dwelling on bad and evil will result in bad and evil being the centre of our lives. being aware of it, yet focussing on the good and the solutions, is how to beat it....