Friday, June 19, 2009

nobility is about personal progression

We measure our spiritual growth by how much better we are now than we used to be, not by how much better we are than someone else. We all have the ability to grow and we all have something to teach each other. For spiritual growth we want to teach of things like love, peace, and forgiveness. These are eternal. Put ego aside that wants to teach winning, being right, strong and at the top of the heap.
Spirit over ego. Caring for others over getting ahead.


Shadow said...

great message this friday! have a super weekend!

Lola said...

I have become a better person thanks to motherhood. I was never a material girl, nor envious, or superficial. But becoming a parent is such an emotional revolution, that something clicked and I was uplifted and "improved"!

My daily goal now is to give thanks for that gift and to teach my child of love, forgiveness and peace.

Love and light,
Lola xx