Wednesday, May 27, 2009

spirit awareness

Todays reading was about practicing being aware of the spirit in our lives. How to invite this awareness by pondering it's presence around us at all times if we will just bring ourselves to it. Dr. Dyer suggests that when we are in the middle of feeling anxious, out of sorts or afraid, we should stop and ask to feel the spirit of our creator around us. It lies at the center of all things. Even those things that are physical like the building you are in. Did it not start with the mind of the individual who envisioned it? Is that mind not connected to the spiritual being of the person it belongs to? Was it not built by other people who are spiritual beings?
Everything around us resonates with spirit so when you are having a negative experience you can just take a moment to ponder the fact that you are surrounded by the spirit of the creator. Energy that is all loving, all knowing. Draw on that spirit. Bring it to your own awareness. Raise your own energy vibration with this knowledge.


Angela said...

What an interesting and catching thought! Thanks for this! I just found your comment on my blog, and thank you for visiting! Yes, Minnesota is sure pretty far away from me here in North Germany, but as you say, we all share the same dreams and hopes, don`t we?

Shadow said...

now that sounds like it could work. thank you!