Monday, May 18, 2009

Love energy

Todays reading is about love energy. Just a s fear can permeate a space so can love. There is nothing better than walking into a space that has been infused with love. The examples that Wanye Dyer uses in the book are two wonderful places, the chapel in Assisi, Italy where St Francis prayed every day and Machu Picchu, Peru. Both of these places can create such a feeling of peace and well being when you are in this space.
I have never had the priviledge to be in either of these places but I have had small experiences of walking through a space and feeling very peaceful. Most often it is unexpected and therefore a true gift.
The lesson here is that if we have spaces and places in our lives that seem to be full of negative or fear energy there is something we can do about it. We can start to change that space with our own energy. Our good and loving energy can change the space which in turn will effect the people that come into our space causing them to feel it and be able to use their own good and loving energy as well. IN no time the whole atmosphere can change around. What an uplifting thought.


Shadow said...

mmmm, yes, truly. if i can feel unease and anger, surely i can feel love. and if i can feel these things, surely so can others... great message!

sallymandy said...

Hi Grace, I just came over to say thanks for visiting my blog recently, and how much I've enjoyed reading your posts here. It's always uplifting to find something of a thoughtful, spiritual nature to read. Thank you. Sallymandy