Thursday, March 12, 2009

wow, it's been a really long time

I actually forgot I created this blog. How sad is that. I want to share the things that I am reading and my thoughts about them. I always have two books going at the same time. One for sheer pleasure and one to feed my soul. The books I want to talk about here are my soul books. Right now I'm reading "There's A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem" by Wayne Dyer. I've read several of his books and always enjoy them. I needed a boost in this department and I must say that my spirit has been lifted back in place. It is a blessing.

The topic of the section I'm reading now is about avoiding what you don't want. It helps me to keep fresh in my mind the work I need to do with my thoughts and beliefs. I get lazy about it when I stay away from the works that feed my soul.

I hope you (if there are any readers out there) are remembering to feed your soul with nourishing works of writing.

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